World Harvest Church contributes to more than 70 missionaries worldwide through monthly giving. Each of these ministries connects with the same vision as World Harvest Church.

World Harvest Church also support several projects around the world to build training centers for missionary partners. We regularly send teams on short term trips to the different locations to help construct, train, and encourage the missionaries and their teams. Below you can find information about our current projects.

Highlighted Missionary Projects

Ms. Isabel Johnson moved to Brazil to be a full time missionary in March of 2020. Her mission.. to bring the gospel of Jesus to the people in the remote villages of Alcantara. 

She holds nightly Bible Study groups and minsters to the women of the villages under the shade of the sprawling mango trees. Some of the women have never learned to read or write. One of the projects ms. Isabel is working on is constructing a building large enough to house missionaries locally and from abroad to come and learn about Jesus and then go back into the world and share the gospel. 

Pastor Nathanael – Myanmar
Pastor Nathanael got married in February 2010 to his lovely wife Dorcas. They have two children, daughter Miriam 9 years old and son Moses 7 years old. 
His walk with Christ  began in May 28, 2002 when he committed his life for Christ.  From 2002 to 2019, about 8 years I studied the Bible and started serving God. After graduation in 2010, I married and served as Students Dean of Bible Seminary at Life Bible College Under Foursquare Denomination.
But God led me to start a new vision that He let me start Youth Development and Fellowship Service at Tachileik. From the year 2012 to until today,  God uses my life to be a founding Minister of Mission for Christ Bible Seminary to run as inter- denomination.
Over 40 students graduated under Mission for Christ Bible Seminary and 5 churches were planted already.  I am still in the Mission field for Church planting. I need to send and help some graduating students this year.
Please stand with us for Myanmar Church planting. 
Here are some pictures of Mission activities and the village that came to Christ from worshiping evil spirits. They received Christ and received water Baptism. 
The are so poor. There are 30 families and 40 small children in this village. They don’t write and read. No one is going to school because of the curse of poverty from generation by generation. 
Now they need proper building for worship Service and teaching education to the Children. 
I wish to help them a wooden house building for Sunday Service use and Monday to Friday for school teaching use.
The building will cost for 120,000 baht( One hundred and twenty thousand baht).
My request is please pray and help fund raising with me. Our sowing will stop their crying and make their generation bright. 
Dollar a Day – For $1 a day you can change the lives of so many. 
$1 a day = $7 per week
$1 a day = $30/$31  per month
$1 a day = $365 per year

Uganda – Bucket Project

Missionary Projects & Ministries

World Harvest Church is in Liberia! Our sister church in Liberia is pastored by Pastor Stephen Tours and his wife Annette Tours. The church is located at