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Important Facts you'll want to know

  1. Attend Missions School, in person or online. Click here for online access to the Mission School.
  2. You must have a Seed For The Nations or SFN account.  Click here to set up your SFN account.
  3. Complete an online Missions Trip Application. You can also see a complete list of all the Worldwide Trips.

For more information, contact us at

No, but you are required to attend the annual Missions School hosted by World Harvest Church. If you were unable to attend the Missions School in person, then you are required to complete the virtual mission school.  For more information, contact us at

Click here to access Virtual Missions School. For assistance contact us at

Seed for the Nations is a mission trip savings account where you have exclusive access to all of your missions donations and personal deposits to be used toward World Harvest Church mission trips. Click here to sign up for a SFN account today!

A Seed For The Nations Account has to be created.  This can be done one of the following ways:

1) Create an account online by clicking here. You must make a deposit of at least $85.00 into your account upon creation. You can make donations into your account by clicking on Donate, select Give, Seed For The Nations Self / Dependent“, then type your first and last name into the box, WHICH FAMILY MEMBER IS THIS FOR?

2) A Seed for the Nations account will be created for you once you make a minimum deposit of $85.  Fill out an offering envelope with at least a minimum of $85, notating on the envelope that it is for your personal Seed for the Nations account.  Or Give online, select “Seed For the Nations Self / Dependent” and type your name in WHICH FAMILY MEMBER IS THIS FOR? box. You will receive an activation email with instructions to set up your account.

You will either create the username and password yourself or you will receive an activation email with instructions to set up your account, if an account was created by WHC. Refer to the Question “How Do I Get a Seed for the Nations Account” for more details.

Donations to others are tax deductible. Personal donations are non-deductible. 

Check donations must be made payable to World Harvest Church in order to be tax deductible. Your donor will need to keep the check receipt for their taxes. 

Important: Only donations that are $250 or higher will automatically be sent a tax deductible letter. For donations $249 or under, a specific request with name and address of donor will need to be made to either the missions or accounting department for a tax deductible letter to be sent to the donor.

No, the funds cannot be applied toward any other expenses (ex. Bible School, Youth Camps, Bookstore, etc.).

Yes, all Seed for the Nations funds may be transferred by request in writing/email ( with a 14 day waiting period to any other account holder. 

You or any other supporter can easily make deposits into your Seed for the Nations account:

1) Give cash or make your checks payable to WHC and write your SFN account number or your name in the memo line. You can drop it in the offering or the boxes in the lobby.

2) Give online: To give to yourself choose “Giving Type: Seed for the Nations-Self / Dependent: ” Write your SFN account number and or your name in WHICH FAMILY MEMBER IS THIS FOR?”.

1) Include in your support letter clear instruction to have all checks sent to your address. Your name should be clearly written in the memo section of the check and/or envelope. It is recommended you include a self-addressed stamped envelope for their convenience. Do not have funds sent to the church. We receive thousands of pieces of mail each week and manage hundreds of accounts, so proper processing is delayed if sent to the church. 

2) Give online: Choose “Giving Type: Seed for the Nations Donation.” Instruct donors to write your name and/or SFN account number in the “WHO ARE YOU SPONSORING?” field.

Note: It is imperative that your name is written clearly in the “WHO ARE YOU SPONSORING?” section. Failure to do so will result in delaying deposits into your account. 

Click on Give from the Donate tab or Give from the WHC website, select drop down under Giving Type “Seed for the Nations Donation.” Write the name and or SFN account number of the person you are donating to in the “WHO ARE YOU SPONSORING?” field. 

Click here to access your Seed For The Nations/SFN account. You will be able to view your SFN balance and see all account activity.


  • An administration fee of $100 is required for all trips. Included in this cost is one annual missions gala ticket and one mission t-shirt. Participants going on additional trips in the same calendar year will be charged a $25.00 administrative fee, per person, per trip. Each participant and leader are responsible for these fees for any trips that are being promoted by or through World Harvest Church.